US-based Riotoro joins ChannelHub to focus expansion plans for gaming accessories

US-based RIOTORO has joined ChannelHub to help its ambitious expansion plans in the rest of the world with a special focus on Europe. RIOTORO products include computer cases, power units, water cooling, LED / RGB case fans, gaming mouse, keyboards and headsets.

According to Marcel van den Boomen, Regional Director – Europe for RIOTORO, the brand’s growth is the result of “offering a new brand without competition giving partners a unique and fresh brand to offer. We work to ensure that our costs are globally competitive and that we use our resources as effectively as possible.”

RIOTORO offers high-quality products that are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company launched the World’s First Convertible case last year December called MORPHEUS.

Marcel continued, “We plan to continue and expand our product line by checking what is needed for the market. Next to that we focus on new innovative products to come. We look forward to working with local distributors and resellers throughout Europe.”