Tech Data adds Fairphone to Endpoint Solutions portfolio

Tech Data has added Fairphone to its Endpoint Solutions portfolio. Modular and easily repaired by users themselves, Fairphone smartphones are designed to last by upgrading components that extend their life. To go even further in this process and stem the obsolescence or unnecessary conservation of devices, the company has implemented programs to reuse and recycle old phones.

Beyond the technological aspect, Fairphone places ethical values at the forefront and manufactures its smartphones according to principles of transparency throughout the production chain. Raw materials such as gold, tungsten, tin and tantalum are extracted from mines that do not finance armed conflicts. In this continuity, Fairphone smartphones support the development of Fairtrade labelled gold.

Antonin Martinot, Managing Director of Tech Data Endpoint Solutions said, “We are delighted to add Fairphone to our Endpoint Solutions portfolio and to meet two of our ambitions by expanding our product offering while emphasising our eco-responsible approach. Fairphone’s atypical positioning on the mobile phone market makes them unique and makes them partners of choice because they are not limited to the constant search for innovation.”