ChannelHub Distributor: RED DOLPHIN joins Channelhub to extend distribution support to consumer tech startup companies

RED DOLPHIN, a distributor based in Switzerland, has joined Channelhub to expand its vendor portfolio in health, smart home and lifestyle products, continuing its startup focus strategy. According to Laurent Eymard, CEO & co-founder of RED-DOLPHIN Switzerland, the company has focused on building a distribution strategy that helps new tech startups enter the Swiss market.

“We build our portfolio with the objective of building a consistent portfolio of innovations, disruption is not an objective as such for us. We are very startup aware and support our partners in many ways from help in testing product features, packaging, app, localization to designing a tailored go-to-market plan for each brand,” Eymard added.

RED DOLPHIN supports its wide range of startup vendors with the full range of distribution services including an automated warehousing services for distribution of products across the country.

RED-DOLPHIN was created in 2013 and selects best in class innovations (mostly connected) and defines a tailored distribution service to support the go to market of new brands in the Swiss market.