ChannelHub vendor: R-go expands retail-friendly range

R-go, well known for its ergonomic products for healthy computer work, has now made its wide range available through consumer electronics retailers. The range of products include mobile and desktop computer accessories and are in the process of expanding their channel network globally.

According to Vincent Bons, CEO of R-go, “Our strategy is to become the standard for office work. Right now, it is a niche product but we think that these should be used and available for anyone who works more than two hours with a screen. We are excited to announce several new product ranges this year and looking to partner with retailers to have them available for their customers.”

R-go is looking for distributors and partners who have experience of working with ergonomic computer accessories.

Vincent added, “We offer support through training, POS so that they can offer a healthy work solution to their customers alongside other products and services.”