PAC channels European expansion plans through ChannelHub

PAC (Power Aware Company) is looking to expand its footprint across Europe with new distribution and retail partners for their range of PAC USB cables using their patented technology.

Established since 2016 to create awareness around eletricity consumption, the PAC corded cord shows the flow of electricity and also monitors how much electricity is consumed when devices are in stand-by mode. This won it recognition as one of the world’s 50 best innovations by Time magazine.

Mikael Palmhag, Sales Manager at PAC, said, “We started the company because we wanted to raise awareness about the planet’s electricity consumption. And get more people to understand how much electricity we use is needlessly. To do this, our team came up with a way to make electricity consumption visible through our cords.”

When your smartphone or tablet has a low battery, the electricity flows quickly and visibly through the PACs USB cable. But the more power your device gets, the slower the electricity moves, to finally stop. And you are reminded that the charging is complete.

PAC is looking for distribution partners in each European country with a value added that serves the biggest retailers and resellers in each country. The company is also looking into opportunities for its customized B2B offerings.

The Pac is the only patented product with all certifications in the market. It offers secured DDP shipments within EU with decent margins for its channel partners.