ChannelHub vendor: Monqi announces expansion plans for child-friendly devices

Monqi has announced channel expansion plans for its child-friendly mobile phones. In 2019, they are looking to partner with more OEM mobile phone vendors to expand their device footprint to include tablets and children’s watches. Geographically, the company is focusing on exploring channel partnerships in key European countries and US.

Frederik Albrechtsen, Co-Founder & CEO, Monqi, said, “We are continuously looking for partners not just to expand our device offerings but partnering with content providers to offer books, music and video for our platform. This year we are also looking at channel partners to offer our products across the rest of Europe focusing on key countries like France, Germany and Spain.”

Monqi is a mobile platform for children that allows children to safely enjoy the mobile universe with great content and parents as involved gatekeepers. It includes software for the child’s android device (Phone, tablet) or Watch; a parental app that in short controls the device, the features of the device, the apps, and the content that comes onto the device; a backend that facilitates payments, data capture and storage (all activities and locations), ai engine filtering messages and pictures, manage subscriptions; and the best content and media for children.

Monqi has been collaborating with Telco operators to provide a child starter package as a first phone.  Parents are comfortable to give their children a smartphone with Monqi as a first phone, and operators are happy to
capture this demographic.  Currently, Monqi are available in the UK.