Laidback Life announces the launch of EcoCharge across retail stores

Laidback Life is launching its new biodegradable mini charger, EcoCharge, across retail stores in Cyprus in May 2019. The company also plans to unveil two new backpacks; Version2 of MoTeck and a MoTeck version for new parents (high tech diaper backpack) at a special event this September during IFA Berlin, one of the largest consumer tech shows in Europe.

Laidback Life is a startup company that begun its operations in November 2016. The company’s vision is to keep bringing products in the market with a touch of Laidback Life. So far Laidback is operating in the UK, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Budapest but it still needs to get bigger. The company is in search for partners in all countries to establish a proper distribution network in retail stores across the globe.

Christina Nicholson, Executive Director, Laidback Life, said, “We are looking for distribution partners or retailers that can support our products. Our ideal partner would be a distributor or a company that specializes in getting us into retail stores worldwide.”

Laidback Life’s first product is D-Tangle, a new style cord winder, that allows users to place their own earphones and automatically wind them in. Since then Laidback Life has introduced many new products in the market including wireless power bank, silicone case for Airpods, and a minimal design backpack with anti-theft abilities among others.