Crumpler joins ChannelHub to drive global channel expansion

Crumpler Europe is looking to expand its retail network further in Europe, Asia and Africa for its brands for bags and backpacks. Currently, it is one of the more preferred brands in Germany and several other European countries as well as Asia, which is one of its key growth markets.

Ferdinand Lucke, Chief Commercial Officer, Crumpler, added: “we have seen great success in Europe, especially Germany. Consequently, we are now expanding our language set to enhance our services. Therefore, this means we will have wider appeal in other European, Asian and select African countries.”

Crumpler is one of THE main brands for bags and backpacks for urban living, digital working habits and eco-friendly and sustainable production. The company offers 100% recycled PET produced items in its top range.

In conclusion, Crumpler is looking for partners in retail that would like to carry the camera bag range exclusively or semi-exclusively.