ChannelHub vendor: Trifo looking for partners to launch Ironpie in Europe

Trifo has announced the inroduction of Ironpie, its first AI-powered consumer robot, to the European market. Ironpie was first launched at CES earlier this year and is not poised for entry to the European markets. With the world’s smallest, lowest power, and most efficient Armv8-A quad core chip inside, combined with the proprietary Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System (TIRVS), Ironpie m6 enables a new level of smartness.

Jamie Huang, Head of overseas Sales at Trifo, said, “We are excited to introduce Ironpie to the European market and looking at partnerships with retailers covering both online and offline sales. We offer not just a great product but also support our partners with incentives and technical support.

Since its launch in January, Ironpie is available on Amazon (US), The Home Depot (US), Walmart (US – online) and Suning E-commerce (China).

Founded in 2016, Trifo is a full stack AI home robot company. Focusing on indoor home environments, Trifo is developing an end-to-end integrated hardware/software system with sensing, perception, and decision capabilities. The Trifo robot serves as the smart autonomous agent to better help people organize and interact with home environments via perceiving physics, geometry, and semantics of home environments, communicating with human in a natural way, and continuously learning new skills with advanced AI technologies.

Trifo has been granted approximately 40 US and Chinese patents; and filed for more than 70 additional patents globally in US, Europe, and China.