ChannelHub vendor: Iziwifi announces plans to expand retail presence across Europe

Iziwifi, a portable wifi solution for travelers, has announced plans to expand its retail partnerships across Europe to cover Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The company is looking for retailers that focus on travel-related accessories either online, or on physical retail stores.

Cédric Morvan, CEO at Iziwifi, said, “At the moment, we sell directly online to anyone travelling out of France. However, our strategy is to partner with more telecom and travel partners across Europe to reach out to a wider network of travelers who would benefit from the use of our device.”

Iziwifi allows travellers unlimited and secure connection for a fixed price in more than 115 countries around the world. This ideal travel companion requires no installation, no cables or software and creates personalized Wi-Fi. The package comes with the Wi-Fi case, universal recharger, and additional options like external battery or car chargers. Currently, there are daily pass packages available with the Wi-Fi case suitable for the travel dates from 10 days to 100 days.

Iziwifi currently partner with travels providers like Voyageur du Monde, XLA communication, and Ateliers du Voyage and are looking to partner with similar companies across Europe, offering significant incentives. In retail, they are available in outlets like Ventes-Privées or Relay in airports.