ChannelHub Vendor BG Berlin launching two new high-tech bags

BG Berlin has announced the availability of two new high tech bags: Metrobag Anticut and Metrobag Noir.

MetroBag Anticut
The Anti-Cut is totally unique in the MetroBag series. Its fabric is military grade and has a composition of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, polyester and glass which makes it almost impossible to cut with a knife or blade.

MetroBag Noir
The MetroBag Noir is the most elegant and chic backpack of the series for all our fashion concsious travelers. Featuring trendy gold zippers and a satin feel on the outside without missing out all the anti-theft features.

All the anti-theft backpacks in the range are slim and super-light. The design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing with lots of storage. Safe solutions to protect your belongings like hidden zips, RFID protection and hidden pockets for your mobile and travel cards which are easily accessible. The MetroBag for todays, everyday person.