ChannelHub signs a partnership with Business France to promote French Tech startups

We are pleased to announce that ChannelHub has concluded a partnership with Business France to promote hardware startup from La French Tec on its new Business Network platform that connect instantly vendors, distributors and retailers selling consumer tech products.

A word from Business France, Stephanie Morley, Head of Digital Technologies Department on the partnership with ChannelHub:

“ChannelHub’s match-making platform is particularly relevant to us in view of the continuum of actions we have developed over the past 5 years for startups of connected objects: CES in Las Vegas for the young startups in search of brand recognition, IFA Berlin, Computex-Innovex in Taipei, CES Asia in Shanghai or Demo Days with MoMA NYC for the mature vendors in search of sales opportunities.

Beyond the visibility and lead generation that we promote, the referencing and linking offered by ChannelHub will allow our customers to accelerate their time-to-market and increase their ROI by multiplying business relationships.”

Business France is the export arm of France and is directly managing the French Pavilion on all major trade shows and tech events across the world: CES, CES ASIA, IFA, Computex, Gitex, NFR, Web Summit.

What is ChannelHub’s activity?

ChannelHub is an international platform that brings a new dimension Consumer tech channel. It instantly connects all actors in the distribution ecosystem: vendors, distributors/importers, retailers and independent
business developers to accelerate the time-to-market new products.

What makes ChannelHub different from other marketplaces?

ChannelHub is not a marketplace as such because we are not focused on buying and selling products. We create a relationship between all actors in the distribution value chain in order to develop new business. So it’s more a Business Network than a marketplace.

ChannelHub is a multidimensional platform: in fact, we connect 4 types of actors: vendors, retailers, distributors and independent business developers and provide 3 levels of information: product information, information on company profiles and above all, we provide members the right contact person to talk to.

ChannelHub is also different from other marketplaces as the information provided is calibrated to help in decision making. For example, buyers need to be reassured about the sales potential and reliability of a product in order to limit their risk. Each product detail provided to the buyers aggregates this type of information.  The technical information being only complementary.

What are your main services?  

ChannelHub was built around four main services:

  •  The first that is most obvious is a match-making system, i.e. being able to present the right products to the right buyers and to present the right distribution networks to the right vendors. Our algorithms allow you to instantly connect the actors of the different distribution networks. We also interconnect the different profiles between them. For example, a retailer can check whether the vendor is present in his country via a local distributor and, if not he recommend his preferred distributor, so we really help compressing the time.
  • The second service is related to the sample management which is a real nightmare in our industry. Starting from a product sheet, the buyer can choose between 3 options: “no interest” or “add the product to a wish list” or “order a sample”. For the latter option, ChannelHub triggers a vendor relationship process and provides traceability from the order to its receipt and evaluation, which of course is immediately traced back to the vendor.
  • The third service we offer is a cross-rating service because we are in an international trading environment. It is therefore essential to find out about the quality and reliability of a future partner. Today, apart from credit insurance, there is no system that allows this information to be available in real time.
  • And the last service we offer is a connection between vendors and independent business developers who will allow vendors to have a local presence and activate the business between different channel players. It is a key element in a vendor’s international development strategy.

Who can access this platform?

ChannelHub is a B2B-only platform, so we only address the distribution eco-system players. We are also very selective about the vendors and products offered to help buyers make informed choices. As a result, the platform is only available for branded products, so no OEMs. For retailers and distributors, we also have a verification process in place for their profiles before accepting them. The key word is Quality and not Quantity.

What is your business model?

For vendors, we have a “freeemium” model with paid subscriptions ranging from 99€ to 499€ per month.

For retailers and distributors, the subscription is free in single-user mode and
99€ per month for multi-user mode.