ChannelHub sets up special Buyer meet at IFA Berlin

ChannelHub is setting up a special Buyer Meet at the upcoming IFA Berlin scheduled for 6-11 September this year. The team will work with vendors to set up meetings with their target buyers (distributors and retailers) that will be at IFA to create meaningful and fruitful discussions around long-term business partnerships.

These meetings can be held either on the vendor’s booths directly or, if they are just visiting the show, on ChannelHub’s dedicated area within IFA. All the “matchmaking” and meeting schedules will be managed through the secure ChannelHub platform.

Farouk Hemraj, co-founder & CEO of ChannelHub, said, “Our key strength is that we have a very personal relationship with key decision makers from distributors and retailers and we know what kind of products they are looking for. Our team will leverage this knowledge to help vendors make their presence more purposeful. We are bridging the gap between buyer and seller by pre-qualifying the right person to set up the right meetings.”

ChannelHub will implement three simple steps:

  1. Vendors will have access to the confirmed distributors and retailers attending IFA and select buyers they would be interested in meeting
  2. ChannelHub will share the vendor profile with the selected decision makers and facilitate meetings during IFA
  3. ChannelHub will monitor the meetings, follow up and manage the confirmed bookings at the event.

Hemraj added, “Over the last couple of decades, I have personally worked with a lot of these distributors and retailers and have found that this kind of personalised approach and follow up is still much appreciated by the industry. With more and more new tech startups entering the consumer tech sector, it is important that they meet the right person to help them reach a wider consumer market, anywhere in the world.”

To get more details on the program for anyone who is attending IFA, they can register their interest in this special form.