ChannelHub facilitates distribution agreement between Vendora & iotty

Vendora, a distributor of leading technological brands in Scandinavia and Baltics, has signed a distribution agreement with iotty, an innovative Italian company that is changing the idea of smart home. Both the vendor and distributor were connected through the ChannelHub platform that provides direct connection and conversation between vendors, distributors and retailers across the globe.

Following its success in USA, iotty is expanding its network across Europe. Choosing Vendora as a partner is a result of a careful selection that honors strong dynamism that characterizes the young distributor and its particular expertise in smart home field.

Farouk Hemraj of ChannelHub, said, “We are pleased to have helped to facilitate the dialogue between Vendora and iotty through our platform. While both knew each other before, our platform helped them to not only evaluate the company but also helped Vendora to test and check out the products that iotty offers. We proactively encourage and suggest the right matches on our system based on profiles that are submitted.”

Vendora has established itself as an ideal partner in the smart home sector. Currently it has a portfolio of more than 25 companies and the agreement with iotty highlights its ability to bring innovative and the most appealing products to market. With offices in Sweden and Latvia, Vendora ensures widespread and specialized distribution across Northern Europe, increasingly interested in smart home products with a strong inclination for design.

iotty devices fit perfectly into this scenario, combining typical for “made in Italy” products attention to details with one of the most original and innovative technologies on the market. That is why these smart switches represent a great opportunity both for Vendora and for careful and selective Scandinavian and Baltic users.