Channelhub achieves milestone of 400 members including vendors, distributors and retailers on platform

Channelhub today celebrated a milestone of adding 400 members on its unique platform that brings a new dimension to the global consumer tech channel. It instantly connects all the players in the distribution ecosystem: vendors, distributors/importers, retailers and independent business developers to accelerate the time-to-market for new products.

Farouk Hemraj, CEO of Channelhub, said, “It is also different from other marketplaces as the information provided is calibrated to help in decision making. For example, buyers need to be reassured about the sales potential and reliability of a product in order to limit their risk. Each product detail provided to the buyers aggregates this type of information.  The technical information being only complementary.”

Channelhub has also been able to help the expanding tech startup sector with its partnership with Business France to promote French Tech startups.

Hemraj added, “The tech scene is constantly evolving and there are new startups bringing new and innovative products to the market and we want our platform to enable distributors and retailers to stay informed to make good business decisions that would help them stay in tune with trends.”

If you are a vendor, retailer or distributor, check out how the site works here and sign up here to join the Channelhub platform.