Brinno Joins ChannelHub to Expand into EMEA

Brinno TLC camera

Brinno Time Lapse Camera

Taiwanese brand Brinno, the creator of the first standalone time lapse photography camera in the market, has joined ChannelHub to explore new partnerships across the EMEA region with a focus on the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), Eastern & Southern European Countries, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

The growth of social media and the home security industry have been the driving forces behind Brinno’s company success. Meanwhile, Brinno’s range of user-friendly time lapse cameras (the now famous TLC/BCC series) provide consumers with footage that can be instantly shared via various social media channels. As a result, consumers and businesses alike have discovered the magic of time lapse. From artists to electricians, various small business owners continue to use Brinno cameras to showcase their work and individual talents.

In the home security category, Brinno’s patented peephole cameras (SHC series) and portable surveillance cameras (MAC) have provided consumers with reliable and easy to use security products at an affordable price. Growth has been experienced in markets worldwide but has been particularly strong in North America and Europe.

According to Gaven Ku of Brinno, “we will continue upgrading and developing new technologies that ensure that our users get the best possible time lapse experience. Our goal is to make time lapse easy by continuing to strengthen our cameras’ battery lives. We also improve camera resolution and create new accessories for all shooting environments. As a result, with Brinno’s top of the line time lapse technology, we promise that you will never miss a shot.

In conclusion, creating long lasting partnerships with our distributors and retailers is important to us. Brinno strives to create business growth in tandem with partners”, Gaven Ku finally adds.