Bonaverde explores retail partnerships on ChannelHub

Bonaverde smart coffee machine

Bonaverde smart coffee machine

German brand, Bonaverde is exploring retail partnerships for the world’s first app controlled, all-in-one, green coffee roasting, grinding and brewing smart device.

According to a Hans Stier, CEO & Founder at Bonaverde, “users connect to the cloud, purchase, brew and enjoy the freshest, sustainably sourced single-origin green coffee”. Bonaverde is fusing hardware and software, enacting positive disruption in the world’s second most traded commodity: coffee. Its borderless e-commerce webstores allow for farmers to build their brand and become entrepreneurs.

With four crowdfunding campaigns under the belt (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seedrs and Seedmatch), Bonaverde excelled from the word GO. Word of mouth from these successful campaigns has given rise to an instant global presence, with a strong brand in Berlin and extended to the rest of Germany. Since these campaigns, this organic traffic has continued to expand as Bonaverde harnessed and specialised in digital marketing.

Now with over 3000 active machines in Europe, Bonaverde are looking to strengthen its sales via distribution. Germany is its key market, but the company has signed agreements in USA, China, MENA region and are under negotiations in Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil.