Avanca searches for partners for Hombli

Avanca International is looking for partners, mainly in the south and east of Europe, to expand the reach of Hombli, its smart home product range. The company is also exploring partnerships in the Middle East and other regions.

Hombli range of smart home products was recently launched by Avanca using the Tuya technology platform. Tuya is the biggest IoT platforms in the world and enables Avanca to develop products with the most user-friendly and hassle free experience. Hombli is a Dutch brand that’s creating an effortless smart home experience for everyone. Each of these products can be easily installed, controlled and automated with a user-friendly mobile app.

Lennart Griffioen, Sales Manager, Avanca, said, “We believe that turning a home into a smart home should be easy and low entry. We are fully invested in this new smart home technology. We want to work with partners to grow the Hombli brand together into one of the most sold smart home brands in Europe.”

Avanca International was established in in 2008. Since 2008 Avanca International launched 4 brands: Avanca, Sinji, Ockel and, recently, Hombli. Under the Avanca & Sinji brands, the company has served customers in 88 countries globally with the best price/quality range mobile accessories, gadgets and mobile electronics