ChannelHub Distributor: ABN Systems plans expansion into EMEA and South America

ABN Systems International, one of the main distributors of telecommunication equipment and GSM accessories in Romania, has announced that it has ambitious plans to expand its retail partnerships across wider Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and South America for its Tellur range of mobile products
and accessories.

Tellur International was launched by ABN in 2016 in response to local market demand for accessories and electronics for mobile devices. The company has long-term relationships with local retailers in Romania and with a few European retailers.

George Barbu, CEO at ABN Systems, said, “We offer products with useful, easy to adopt technologies, with increased user-friendliness. Our partners always benefit from special prices, service support, incentive programs and the possibility to see the products before their official launch in their markets. Also, by request, we can personalize the products and the packages with their logo.”

Tellur’s main objective in the following months is to find partners who want to promote and sell Tellur products in their country or region, and have a focused strategy, whether offline or online, for this key growing segment.

Barbu continued, “We have been lucky to bring along with us passionate associates who understood our vision and who invested their knowledge and abilities to help develop Tellur’s network. This year we’ll focus our efforts by starting to create brand awareness campaigns all over the EMEA and South America.”

Tellur has plans to add new smart products, voice-activated products like speakers, headsets and smart home devices. The company is thinking about more personalized and customized voice notifications for devices, in order to recognize the device’s name or the users.

ABN Systems offer support for its retail partners through informative and technical materials for after-sales services and guidance for end-users with the support of local partners.

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